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                                      Address:Peijie, Xia County, Yuncheng, Shanxi
                                      Post code:044400
                                      Contact:Tong Hailing

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                                      Company profile

                                          As the owner of Hongxin fans, the key product specially promoted by the nation, the Company specializes in the production of various explosion-proof fans for mines, tunnel fans and high pressure spray fans.
                                          Shanxi Yuncheng Hongxin Ventilation Equipment Co., Ltd locates in the east of the Yellow River with long history of civilization. It is between two large high-tech development zones of Salt Lake and Xia County. Three main lines, including 209 National Highway, Datong-Yuncheng Highway and Yuncheng-Sanmenxia Highway go across this place. In addition, it boasts of convenient transportation and communication. The time-honored culture of Shanxi merchants exerts influence on operation principle of modern people in the east of the Yellow River. 
                                          Since the establishment, the Company strengthens technical innovation and increases technical content of products for serving mines, tunnel construction and environmental protection. It aims to achieve development and expands market by depending on talents and science and technology. Currently, it has developed main products including: 1. Explosion-proof fans for mines FBCDZ, FBCZ and FBD three large series totaling more than hundreds of product models; 2. Special axial flow fans for tunnel construction SDF(A), SDF(B) , SDF(C) and SDF(D), and special jet fans SSF for tunnel operation; 3. High pressure spray fans GPF three series totaling scores of varieties. The products have the characteristics of reliable performance, stable quality and novel structure, and are well received by users. After being reviewed by CQGC, the Company is rated as "Trustworthy Product Promotion Unit". The products have been sold to more than 20 provinces, cities and regions. The fan impellers of the Company adopt new international technology, and the products are highly commended in such fields as mines, tunnels and environmental treatment. 
                                          The Company is committed to building Hongxin brand with "Great Reputation, Excellent Technology and Careful Polishing". We are willing to advance with times and create the brilliancy together with far-sighted people from various fields in the world.